hello friends!


We’ve spent the last year introducing Blue House Studio to many, many new friends. Some travel just around the block to visit our lil Blue House, others have traveled across the state and yes even across the nation [ slight tear up ] .

In honor of a really fantastic first year we’ve gathered some of our best crafty buds to bring you the long-awaited { BLUE HOUSE BLOG } so you can keep up with us all the time!

What should expect to find here ? All kinds of goodness!

diy project tutorials

crafty book reviews

round-ups of local + national craft events & shows

home decor + inspiration

creative writing + illustration

sneak peeks + inside stories

tasty recipes for the modern kitchen

artist profiles + studios

a walk in an artist shoes

Sounds pretty fabulous doesn’t it? Well, why don’tcha join us!


About Siobhan

“What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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5 Responses to hello friends!

  1. ashley...again says:

    Happy Birthday to Blue House! Looking forward to sharing in the celebration.

  2. Karen LePage says:

    So excited to see what you bring to the blogosphere, Siobahn! You have made a gorgeous, welcoming, inspiring space for creativity in Ann Arbor.

  3. This is great! Have been looking for recycling ideas for packaging our jeweled hand mirrors for a pretty shipping alternative to just a bubblewrap envelope. I think I’ll try lining the inside with bubblewrap . . . hmmmmmm, the wheels are turning in my brain!

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