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Hip Hooray and Happy Birthday Blue House! Congratulations on a successful first year of bringing together and inspiring craft-minded people in Ann Arbor and beyond. We all know that success in any new venture – even a creative, fun one – requires strength and patience. Perseverance. Stick-to-it-tiveness. It’s in celebration of that can-do attitude and by way of introducing myself and my own crafty bent, that I bring you {abluehouseblog}’s first DIY – an ode to hangin’ in there. Today’s project: a magnetic inspiration board made from a repurposed cookie sheet.

As anyone who reads my posts will see, I love to give new life to stuff that used to be other stuff. I love to re-purpose. So much so, that my sister and I formed our own little crafty biz around the concept. So much so, that I’ve been know to relieve things of their original purpose just a little before their time. So much so, that I’m not content in only using up my own old stuff, but have (to my husband’s chagrin) started bringing other people’s old stuff into the house so that I can craft with that.

But not this time. This time the junk was my own and its time had come. I had a couple of cookie sheets – pizza pans actually – that were way past their prime.

Made of a silver aluminum-y metal, after years of use they’d rusted into a real criss-cross of a mess. Happily, I had need of a handy space to hang memos and crafty inspiration in my studio and, conveniently, the sides of my bookshelves were the perfect spot for a pair of pans.

Armed with a hot-glue gun, fishing line, scissors, and half a yard or so of fabric leftovers, I made quick work of it.

First things first, I traced my pans right onto the fabric. If you are making more than one board and you are a patient person, you might consider making a paper template first. But I’m not, so I didn’t. Snip, snip, trim the fabric to size.

Next I marked two holes near the top of the pan and made sure they were even. A few minutes with a power drill and the holes were set. If you’d rather, use a hammer and a nail and punch through instead.

Either way, take care to smooth away the rough metal that you’ve just punched through to the back side of your pan. A few seconds with a file and your furniture or wall will thank you.

Next, hit the hot glue and attach your fabric. Find your holes and snip through. Thread the fishing line through from front to back and loop it through several times. I tied mine in the back each time, but made sure not to on the last go ‘round so that the pan would hang evenly. Pull up the tails to the desired length and tie off. Done!

If you were watching carefully, you noticed that the fabric I started with didn’t make the final cut – crafter’s prerogative. The print was too busy as a background for my clippings. But, wouldn’t a pretty pattern make a sweet little magnetic backdrop for keys … hmmm.


Anyway, there you have it … pizza pan magnet boards. Add several cute magnets and like Blue House, you’ll be hangin’ in there … in style.


About ashley...again

I don't get to craft as often as I'd like. So whenever possible I make like it's housework and whip up something useful. And thrifty. And, hopefully, cute.
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7 Responses to Stick-to-it-tiveness

  1. Karen LePage says:

    this is awesome! Thanks for the tute!

    If you don’t have a file, or if you’re REALLY lazy like I am, you could also use a couple stick-on felt furniture pads (circles made for chairs on HW floors) to protect your bookshelf.

    I’m going to need to get myself a Blue House Magnet!

  2. Courtney says:

    Great DIY project and really nice photos too!

  3. Rae says:

    Hey happy birthday BH!! We have a crafty meetup tomorrow night too, so we’ll be crafty meetup buddies!!! 🙂

  4. Anna (three birds jewelry) says:

    ashley, this is great! i have been finding myself rummaging the isles of value world and coming home with way too much stuff….next on the list- old pans!

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