Stitching with Amy Butler

Hello! Welcome to the first in a series of posts about craft books! There are so many good books out there, I don’t know how I’ll pick and choose. This time around I looked at the HUGE stack of books on my coffee table and saw this one. I thought it appropriate that the first book I talk about was a sewing book… and this one hit the spot as it’s about sewing bags! Which is totally my bag.

Style Stitches: 12 Easy ways to 26 wonderful bags, by Amy Butler

While I’m not particularly a fan of Amy Butler’s fabrics, I’m a fan of collections of bags, and this book covers some great little designs. There’s an assortment of bag styles, from roomy market totes to fancy clutches. You’ve got bags, wallets and pouches, featuring details like pleats, buttons, pockets, and zippers.

Her designs are fresh, functional and totally sew-able by you. Whether you like to sew from patterns or not, this is a great “look book” to peek through and see all the possibilities that await. It’s also fun to mix it up and make a design your own. The book is complete with a pocket of patterns for you to use.

If you like this, you might also enjoy In Stitches and Little Stiches for Little Ones, also by Amy Butler.


Since we’re talking books, I have to mention libraries. Craft books are awesome! But not everyone has the budget to go out and buy every awesome craft book printed, and sometimes they end up different than you expected. If you’d like to take a closer look at a book, or perhaps give it a spin before purchasing, check your local library to see if it’s available there.


About Dang Amanda

I love books, and crafts, and books about crafts. They are usually well designed and inspirational. In addition to book talking here, I'll also be dropping blog lines occasionally about local craft fairs going on around town. When I'm not blogging about craft fairs and books, I'm often sewing for dang argyle, eating kale, drinking coffee, laughing, growing tomatoes, and taking photographs.
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5 Responses to Stitching with Amy Butler

  1. Blue House says:

    Amy B is so fresh! And pleats are like butter on toast — so yummy!
    Thanks for sharing Amanda!

  2. Lynda Austin says:

    Hooray-love the plug for public libraries! I’m a part-time children’s librarian and also second the recommendation to try out a book before you commit to buying it for your own library.

  3. Dang Amanda says:

    Glad to share the crafty books. And yay for children’s librarians! 🙂

  4. monet says:

    I *just* checked out (from the library!) In Stitches just the other day. I was so inspired by my very beginning attempt at sewing something, I wanted to sew more.

  5. Dang Amanda says:

    Monet! I love it! I was so inspired by my very beginning attempt at sewing something, I wanted to sew more is music to my ears. Happy sewing to you 🙂

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