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Hello, Blue Housers! My name is Nicole Ray — some of you may know me as Sloe Gin Fizz — and I am a huge Blue House fan. In honor of the new blog and the oh-so-close one-year anniversary of the BH, as I lovingly like to call it,  I thought I would share with you a little eye candy today. Blue house eye candy, of course. I would love for you to take a minute or two and see if they inspire you in some way. Whether you sew or draw or carve or don’t think you’re crafty at all, see if there is some spark of an idea hiding in there for you.

At Home on the Sea by Amy Blackwell

At Home on the Sea by Amy Blackwell

Midnight Manor by Nate Duval

Midnight Manor by Nate Duval

Avenue fabric by Summersville

Avenue fabric by Summersville

Desert Camper by Leah Giberson

Desert Camper by Leah Giberson

Stoneware House Pendant by Elukka

That’s a lot of blue houses, no? I’ll be back in my next post with an illustration inspired in some way by these lovely blue houses. Join in the fun and make your own blue house-inspired work. And then share it here with a link to flickr or your blog or wherever in the comments section below — I’d love to see what you do!


About Sloe Gin Fizz

Illustrator, explorer, enthusiastic cook, local food junkie, obsessive reader, blogger, crafter, chuckler, newly-minted Midwesterner, former New Yorker, future…
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7 Responses to Eye Candy

  1. guurrrl says:

    I love these collections of houses! Such a happy collection for today! 🙂 I especially love the first illustration and the stoneware houses. But I’m a pushover for campers!

  2. Dang Amanda says:

    Great images of the Blue! I love Midnight Manor. It makes me think of the Weasley’s Burrow!

  3. Courtney says:

    Pretty pretty! I love the home at sea print and the fabric!

  4. Tyia says:

    Yeah! I’m so glad to have found you guys! Only a drive’s away in Troy. Excited to come check out your kid’s activities this summer when I can lug my family over. Looking forward to reading about your upcoming activities for kids and more.

  5. sloeginfizz says:

    Thanks so much, everyone! I hope you’ll think about working on a little inspiration project and playing along. Amanda — I love the idea of the Midnight Manor as the Weasley’s burrow!!! And Tyia, we’re so glad to have you — hope to be able to meet in person soon at the BH!

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