Scandinavian Designs


Internationally acclaimed designer Lotta Jansdotter’s books and designs are gorgeous, and of course they have that Scandinavian flare that instantly sucks me in. They are the kind of books you want to flip through twelve times. Then you think, oh yes, I can make some of this loveliness!


The focus of her books is mainly sewing and printmaking projects for you, your family, and your home. Be prepared for a plethora of simple design, which is ever aesthetically pleasing. The books include images, easy to follow instructions, stencils, and patterns to get you started on printing, stamping and sewing everything from potholders and coasters to baby bloomers and purses.


Be sure to also check out Lotta Jansdotter’s shop and blog to see more of her pretty little design world. She also has a new book on the way about the studios of various designers. I can’t wait!


About Dang Amanda

I love books, and crafts, and books about crafts. They are usually well designed and inspirational. In addition to book talking here, I'll also be dropping blog lines occasionally about local craft fairs going on around town. When I'm not blogging about craft fairs and books, I'm often sewing for dang argyle, eating kale, drinking coffee, laughing, growing tomatoes, and taking photographs.
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5 Responses to Scandinavian Designs

  1. Oh I love her stuff! Can’t wait til I move into our new house so I can try some printing of my own!!

  2. Siobhan says:

    lotza love for lotta

  3. monet says:

    nice. thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Anna (three birds jewelry) says:

    printing has become a recent fascination of mine…it is on my ‘to do’ list. with a subtitle ‘how to print with anything, from potatoes to linoleum’ how can you go wrong? thanks for sharing!

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