Eye Candy: Response

Illustration by Nicole Ray

Inspired by March's Eye Candy

Last month I shared with you a variety of images inspired by the Blue House theme. I asked you to look at them and see if it sparked a thought or idea or somehow inspired you to be creative. While no one felt bold enough to share their inspired piece this time around, as promised, I made a little drawing that grew out of those Blue House images. I’ll try to explain a little bit about how it evolved…

The way Elukka’s stoneware pendants (left) are decorated, it looked to me like the roofs would lift right off, which got me thinking about what would happen if they did and how that could happen. I thought about houses falling over and made a couple of sketches, but couldn’t get the perspective quite right of a house falling over. While I did this, the idea transformed into the wall falling open.Well what would come out if it did?

Looking back at by Amy Blackwell’s ship with all those houses (center) —and because it is a favorite theme of mine—waves seemed like a good solution. The night sky inside the house came to me from Nate Duvall’s piece (right).

It’s not too late to do a little drawing of your own and post a link to it in the comments — or to suggest a theme for next month’s Eye Candy images!

About Sloe Gin Fizz

Illustrator, explorer, enthusiastic cook, local food junkie, obsessive reader, blogger, crafter, chuckler, newly-minted Midwesterner, former New Yorker, future…
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2 Responses to Eye Candy: Response

  1. monet says:

    you’re pretty awesome, Nicole.

  2. Anna (three birds jewelry) says:

    i LOVE this Nicole! nice work.

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