Smile: An easy before + after

I made a circle with a smile for a mouth on yellow paper, because it was sunshiny and bright.
– Harvey Ball

My crafty companion is always smiling. I love you smiles, ice cream smiles and of course sneaky 5yr old boy smiles.

{ Eye mask is for protection }

Letting go scares me. Not following my to do list makes me wacky. But sometimes I really need it. Today was one of those days when I needed to let go. And I needed a smile. Letting go for the day I headed to the Re-Use Center in the middle of the day with my crafty companion in search of something to make me smile.

Can you see the tag? It reads “Working”. At first glance not much is working with this lamp, except the awesome yellowness that it is!

Hooray for yellow in appropriate places!

The yellow-white shade is not as cool. Not a worry.

Easily removed. Pinch the bottom sides towards the socket.

I’ve got an extra shade. And apparently now I have an extra base too (next project).  Although the red on my extra shade is not right.

Um, this isn't going to work.

Scrap material selection brings me to this – not bad for using present resources.

I check out if I have enough by clipping the scraps onto the shade with clothespins. Yep, this will work just fine.

At first I thought that I would just attach it as is. But then the part of me that I absolutely love piped in with the idea for yellow seams.

Pin, pin, pin. All the way around marking the seam. Tedious. Looking forward to that smile.

I’m an apprentice seamster. Straight stitching all the way. Top thread is yellow, it may be too much but we’ll see.

After finishing all the stitching I slide it over the shade to check the fit. Amazingly I did it right on the first time (this is not the case with me, ever). I decided to use the Amazing E6000 to attach the outside edges to the shade. As I went around the shade I used clothespins to hold it in place while the glue dried. Next time I do this I’ll try another glue choice, probably hot glue, to compare.

Nasty bottom easily cleaned up with a cork circle glued to the base.

Hello pretty!

Looking good and done but for the final test …


{ Smile }

Project details & supplies: Feature lamp purchased from Re-Use Center in Ann Arbor for $5bux. Fabric used is the Waverly Outdoor Collection and was originally purchased from JoAnn Fabrics in Ann Arbor.  Sewing machine used for stitching and E6000 (can be purchased at Michael’s) for attaching fabric to shade.

About Siobhan

“What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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3 Responses to Smile: An easy before + after

  1. monet says:

    love it! the yellow top thread is just right.

  2. Courtney says:

    you are one crafty lady! it looks lovely!

  3. jaimigadaix says:

    Ah! This turned out so nice, Siobhan. I feel lucky to have witnessed the “making of”. All the while thinking, how is it that she just “whips this together” in 20 minutes? It would have taken me a week to just think about it, then triple the time to actually manufacture it. You are talented, my friend!

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