Necessity: the mother of …

Napkin Rings.

Napkin rings? Does one ever really need napkin rings, you ask. Well, yes. If you are trying to break your horrible habit of using paper towels for every little spill and wipe, so have instituted a cloth-napkin-only policy, but your little trouble makers darlin’s keep wiping their sticky little selves with your napkin, then you do. And, you need a different one for each trouble maker. You need each little person to know whose napkin is whose so that you can keep track of them for a meal or two, wash and replace as necessary, repeat. 

lots to choose from

Well, at least I needed these. So this being me, with my penchant for making and my affinity for felted wool from recycled sweaters, I decided to make them. Using – what else – scraps from my felty projects.

If the entire project had been in my control, I would have gone for vintage buttons for closure, but of course I wanted buy-in from the kiddos so off we went to Joann Fabrics (is this really the only game in town?) to pick out something just right for each of us. The deciding turned out to be the hardest part of this whole affair.

choices, choices

something for everyone

After that, nuthin’ to it …  I cut felt to the desired length and width. These are going to be a wrap around style so I’d suggest about 7-8″ long and at least as wide as will support the buttons that you choose (though doubling the length and tapering the width would give you a very cool double wrap ring) .

love. this. feature.

Next I marked button holes and used the handy-dandy instant presto buttonhole feature on my machine to stitch them. I went the button hole route because I wanted contrasting colors, but the beauty of the felted sweater is that you can just cut them if you want. Worry free – no raveling!

Sew on the button, wrap your napkin, and ….

Done! Happy Family.

About ashley...again

I don't get to craft as often as I'd like. So whenever possible I make like it's housework and whip up something useful. And thrifty. And, hopefully, cute.
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4 Responses to Necessity: the mother of …

  1. Anna (three birds jewelry) says:

    miss-type sorry!
    very clever- we are a cloth napkin home as well..will have to keep this one in mind for my next bbq.

  2. Bop says:

    Great idea! Does the skull and crossbones one belong to Max or Jim?

    • ashley...again says:

      Max is on a pirate kick – the bones are his. The boys picked the airplane for J since his favorite color is orange and I got the yellow star, same reason. Nay loves his tractor.

  3. monet says:

    so easy and cute. I will be doing this. thanks for sharing.

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