New Orleans Jazz Fest Arts and Crafts Scene

Death dolls: with removable heads, no less! And fun for the whole family: I can see boys and girls loving these Lynchian representations of nightmares and mortality... GIFT IDEA ALERT!!!! And look at the name of the studio! "CULTURALLY REFLECTIVE HANDBUILT CLAY ART", Joy Gauss, Blue House Studio New Orleans

Last weekend I braved the sultry heat of New Orleans to take in a little Jazz Fest 2011.  When I wasn’t sucking the heads of boiled crawfish (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, fellow Northerners), dodging the plunging panties lately flung from Tom Jones-adulators, and dribbling daiquiris down my parched throat (someone had to do it) I wandered the sprawling festival’s many craft exhibits and arts marketplaces… This show attracts a great deal of diverse talent – from African to Haitian to Native American and beyond…

Day of the Dead Action Figures? Handmade. Haunting. Commanding a fair price (about $95 each). Selling like hotcakes.

Now that's a creative way to display your stuff -- exhibitors of "handmade" events take note! A little presentation goes a long way - I ponied up for one of these guys...

A shrine greeted us nearby: Ramirez Studios, "El Dia De Los Muertos Altar"

Ms. Ramirez herself at work...

This was fun - Ms. Pedescleaux was making her community quilts right there in the tent - they asked us to sign a piece of fabric that she would then incorporate...AFRICAN-AMERICAN QUILTING: Cecelia Pedescleaux, Marrero, Jefferson Parish

Each quilt a creative folk masterpiece...

A drum-maker plies his trade while his kids look on in the Louisiana tent... who says family can't share in your passion for creation?

A jazz band just decides to go by at this moment... making this a good breaking point for this post...


The food, art, and music were worth getting dirty for... but ouch, the blisters.. Thanks for reading!

THE END… until next week!


About Wednesday Black

Wednesday Black spends her time between two great cities, New York and New Orleans. She lives with the Black Prince and the ghost of her late dachshund, Duchess. While How to Train Your Virgin is her first work of erotic fiction, it will not be the last.
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2 Responses to New Orleans Jazz Fest Arts and Crafts Scene

  1. sannatuulia says:

    Great photos of the art and artisans, and commentary—you had me on a “death doll”. Your poor feet, great sandals though! They say beauty, and great writing, is pain. I need to find my way to New Orleans this year, long overdue.

  2. Alfreda Menlove says:

    Great blog. I felt like I was there in New Orleans.

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