Edward Gorey for the Home

Surprise and please your guests with charming Edward Gorey imagery!

I was feeling irritable and weary this week, despite the concerted sunshine in Manhattan yesterday and today.  Maybe it’s the frittered and frayed tendons in my ankle (red wine + staircase + heels do not a slow and safe descent make) or the swelling that has not subsided for nigh on two months… whatever the cause, I was feeling morbid and rotten.  I’m not ordinarily a font of dark impulses or thoughts (just don’t consult my mother on this), so when I care to wallow, I usually borrow my low-mooded accompaniment from others — talented musicians and artists like say, Leonard Cohen or Edward Gorey…  In this case, I had a postcard book of Gorey’s Utter Zoo… and a totally boring tray for drinks and stuff that one (if one was in a good mood and had a working ankle) might fill with nice, wholesome pictures of bumblebees and fruit dishes and babies… but I… I was looking for a different effect in my wounded-foot-inspired stupor. Something more like this:

I was looking for a different effect, in my current wounded-foot-inspired stupor. Something more like this...

Admittedly, wallowing is usually great fun and cheers me up immensely…  So, after nearly eight weeks of hobbling around the City with ripped tendons on both sides of my right foot, I decided to take my wallowing to new depths to improve my outlook — namely to subject my guests to those dark depths in the most pleasant, hospitable way possible.  Poor Edward Gorey would be turning over in his grave at this usage of his work, if he actually cared one wit…


I took a book of Edward Gorey postcards I've had for some time, and I pasted them into this otherwise insipid tray for my ottoman... images of strange creatures right out of the illustrator's brilliant, twisted brain...

(Cue spooky music…)

So, instead of cutesy images of friends and family, or of myself looking cute (we only ever choose our best pictures, right?) I put in these great iconic Gorey images…

Ah, wholesome decorations! Strange creatures! Under my remote control and vodka tonic! I am a happy, happy person.


About Wednesday Black

Wednesday Black spends her time between two great cities, New York and New Orleans. She lives with the Black Prince and the ghost of her late dachshund, Duchess. While How to Train Your Virgin is her first work of erotic fiction, it will not be the last.
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One Response to Edward Gorey for the Home

  1. Dang Amanda says:

    It goes with the rug! A very Twin Peaks kinda rug.

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