Eye Candy: Picnic

Lisa B Retro Style Vintage Picnic Basket
Lisa’s RetroStyle Vintage Picnic Basket

Hello! I’m back today with a new round of eye candy fun. In case you didn’t catch the first round, this is how it goes: I’ll show you a variety of images related to a theme. Take as long as you’d like to look through them—scroll, zoom, absorb, relate. Then, set it on low and let it simmer for a good long while. As it simmers, I’m hoping it will start to spark and shimmer and turn into a new creative idea waiting to be transformed by you. And now, on to the topic at hand — today we’re going on a picnic!

 Squirrel Picnic by Eszter Schall

Sweetheart by Tastes Orangey
by Tastes Orangey

Isn’t that last one just the sweetest? Back in March I chose a variety of images related to Blue House and the following month, posted a drawing inspired from those images. I invite you to do the same this time around and share your ideas, thoughts and links in the comment section below. See you in June for a picnic!


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4 Responses to Eye Candy: Picnic

  1. Blue House says:

    love squirrel picnic ! the detail in the squirrel headwear is sweetly perfect. I now will look at squirrels with a new eye.
    you’ve got my creative brain swirlin’ nicole!

  2. Dang Amanda says:

    Love it!

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