thinking about work

Work is a significant part of so many of our lives. And, while it may be a unifying entity, work means a lot of things to a lot of different people. For me it takes on several definitions. Work is what I make in my studio – actual objects and pieces of art. It also encompasses all of the other things that I do to promote that first kind of work; things like industry research, developing packaging and business cards, fostering a network of people who may have an interest, photographing. Additionally, work is a sustaining career in a field that keeps my creative inclinations sharp.

I’ve been thinking about all of these types of work a lot recently. Never a dull day in the city, I’ve been attempting to split my efforts between making work, doing the work, and finding work. Below are some images from the first two, making and doing. (While I don’t have any pictures of me finding work, I can assure you that such an image would simply be a photo of me, wide-eyed, yanking on my hair and sweating a little bit as I wonder if I’ll ever make it in this crazy place.)

This past weekend, I participated in Brooklyn Studio Tours, a two-day open studio event during which we welcomed any curious visitor into our studio spaces to ask questions and take a peek at what we’re working on. I cleared out and re-organized my studio space in preparation for the open studios, as I considered this to be a potential networking/promotional opportunity.

My newly-organized space displaying lots of color and pattern.

During the re-organization effort, I decided to take on another project – reupholstering that desk chair you see. I saw that on the street during a late night walk home and, after confirming that there were no critters living within it, picked it up and brought it back to the studio. It’s still a little rusty, but I’ve eradicated the nasty old green vinyl upholstery and replaced it with a bright and zesty print that I did a few months ago.

New idea-inducing desk chair!

I was glad to be able to make some work during the weekend as well (must have been the fresh chair). I’ve been simmering on a printing project for a while, and I’m finally seeing results! Below are some process photos from the test print for the project.

Small scale illustrations with palette chips. The test print is for the drawing on the right.

Test print of the first two of eight colors. Can you see the drawing starting to emerge?

The rest of the hand-cut stencils hanging, labeled by color, and ready to be printed.

Stencils and silkscreens drying....more colors tomorrow!

Here’s to looking forward to work, whatever that may be to you. And here’s a little teaser, today my work will consist of wandering the garment district in search of the perfect pillow fabrics…not too shabby!


About whitney crutchfield

I'm a textile designer, artist, and intern extraordinaire giving it a shot in the big city. I like to look at things and watch people. You might find me toiling away on a new design in my Brooklyn studio, embarrassingly chuckling at NPR guests as I fiddle with things in the craft room of a certain lifestyle company, salivating while staring at the pie shop that sits below my bedroom window, or dodging doggy poo on a run in Prospect Park.
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  1. monet says:

    I love the chair. The fabric is lovely.

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