Pinky Swear

In the same way we used to lock pinkies with our besties to solidify a bond, promise or secret, this place will have you hooked and feeling like a kid again.  A secret that really Michiganders own, Glen Arbor and the Leelanau Peninsula are state treasures that are situated right on the “pinkie” of our Michigan’s hand-shaped state.  On a perfect beach overlooking surprisingly amazing turquoise fresh waters.  I could go on for days, but I won’t since I think pictures speak louder than words.  It was A Blue House Blog’s very own Siobhan, who first recommended this beautiful place to me.  Thank you Siobhan!  Here are my favorite moments, places and things about Glen Arbor. 

The Homestead.  A seriously cool & fun place to stay that is reminiscent of “camp”, but for families who want nice amenities.  This was our second time here and is probably going to be quite the bi-annual tradition.  Above is the view from our condo, just steps away from the beach.

Sleeping Bear Dunes.  This is one place you have to see to believe.  The legend of a Mama bear who was waiting for her cubs to cross the Lake is also a magnificent hike with views that make you feel like you are in a far away land.  Here in the pics, are my two babes, Mila & Remi watching their Papa and Ton Ton Seb braving it down (and up) the dune.

Morels.  The only fungi I would ever dream to have.  Playing hard to get, morel mushroom season comes just once a year and lucky for us, Northern Michigan had a really good season.  My sister in law & I bought some at a farmers market (no, we did not find any of our own) and ended up a making creamy, butter morel sauce for pasta. Click here for more delicious recipes. 

Petoskey Stones.  The Michigan State stone and found around the “pinky”.

Crystal River Kayaking.  Honoring it’s name, Crystal River is clear and fresh, making it a perfect playground of sorts.  We took the kids kayaking (this is me with my daughter, Mila) with Crystal River Outfitters and ended up stopping along the way because many parts are super shallow and are a fine splashing area.  At the end of September, fresh water Salmon make their way up river and rumor has it, you can kayak, drop a line and come home with enough Salmon  to feed your family for week. 

La Bécasse.  Located no more than 5 minutes from Glen Arbor, this incredible French restaurant is nestled inside a small home and has, in my book, every reason to claim itself as the best restaurant in the area.  My advise though, is to make this a date night sans les enfants.

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3 Responses to Pinky Swear

  1. Siobhan says:

    …. a place filled with so many memories and more to come!

  2. monet says:

    oh, you’ve totally sold me.

  3. ashley...again says:

    good memories there for me too – met my husband in Glen Arbor!

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