Eye Candy: Picnic Response

Eye Candy: PicnicIt’s been a month already — can you believe it?! Way back in May, I shared a variety of images on the theme of picnics.  In honor of summer, lazy afternoons and picnic napping, I am back this evening with my drawing in response to those images.  Simple, simple, simple. That was my aim. Obviously, the picnic basket itself was my main inspiration, but I just loved the patterning throughout this squirrel picnic print. I think I might like to work into the blanket pattern a bit more… As always, I invite you to share your picnic-themed projects in the comments below — or feel free to suggest a theme you might like to explore next month. Enjoy!




About Sloe Gin Fizz

Illustrator, explorer, enthusiastic cook, local food junkie, obsessive reader, blogger, crafter, chuckler, newly-minted Midwesterner, former New Yorker, future…
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