Time Muji-ment

As a writer, I deal in deadlines.  They are like the rosary beads of a sinner.  I go over them again and again, thinking about them.  Yet frequently I forget to live by their precepts.  Often I’m up late at night atoning for my unholy procrastination.  I need to enforce discipline.  Creatively.

Cue the heavenly choir sounds... the MUJI planner will change your life... it changed mine... well, my week any way... Let's just say I'm hoping that it fixes me...

My mother follows “the crisis method of time management…”  She’s a lady lawyer and power-achiever — so this message never worked for me.  Not in high school. Not in college.  Not now.  Why not? Because her sense of crisis causes her to complete her projects, assignments and tasks two weeks ahead of deadline.  My sense of crisis kicks in at midnight, four hours after the project is due.)

Me. Busting deadlines since 1978. Pre Muji planner.

Her husband (another lawyer) follows the “out-to-lunch theory of time management.”  That means, put projects off (for a time) and THEN get down to serious business. This also fails for me – I embrace the lunch part with no problem.  It’s the business part that evades me.

So.  Another strike there.  

Clearly some of us – and I especially – have to look elsewhere for a productivity panacea… and I think  I found one.  Who knew it would come in the form of the brandless Japanese company (so-named, in fact), Muji. (Cue the angelic music…)

..Muji had a really obvious techniques I never thought of before to help me manage my deadlines and tasks… to organize my day.  It works.  Come.  See: (Not my example…)

A solution for... the rest of us... (Thanksto freshmag.com for example)

VISUAL calendaring!  It’s amazing for the creative in all of us! I never thought about managing my time this way – and suddenly, with a little gift from a friend called my credit card (5$), I see the light, or rather, the future. And guess what? The future, if not good, is definitely … clear.

The good part?  You can do it yourself pretty easily by just drawing your own little clock on a page.  Try it yourself.  🙂


About Wednesday Black

Wednesday Black spends her time between two great cities, New York and New Orleans. She lives with the Black Prince and the ghost of her late dachshund, Duchess. While How to Train Your Virgin is her first work of erotic fiction, it will not be the last.
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