Bizarre Love Triangles For Crafters

Often while thrifting for fabrics I come across little bags full of pre-cut shapes, that a quilter once cut out but never used. Sometimes there are some really neat fabrics in those bags, but they are already cut into tiny squares, and some of the fabrics are patterns I wouldn’t want to use in my own creations, and I would have to pay too much for just a few squares that I liked. (Note: I am not a quilter.)

Recently I came across a small bag of a bunch of triangles in designs I actually thought were usable. After washing them, they came out in a big jumble like this:

I found it quite pretty, so I left it on the coffee table for a bit. Then I put a bunch of the triangles into a bowl, which is where I shall leave a nice group of them.

A bowl of fabric triangles is a bit more inspiring than a bowl of fake fruit, no?

Of course the time came when I had to iron some of these to turn them back into triangles. I did none of the cutting, but playing with the triangles further reinforced the fact that quilters are powerful crafters!

Alas, some of the triangles will be sewn together. Others will remain independent triangles used for purses such as this one:

It turns out that lovely triangles aren’t so bizarre after all! And I look forward to including them in more purse designs.


About Dang Amanda

I love books, and crafts, and books about crafts. They are usually well designed and inspirational. In addition to book talking here, I'll also be dropping blog lines occasionally about local craft fairs going on around town. When I'm not blogging about craft fairs and books, I'm often sewing for dang argyle, eating kale, drinking coffee, laughing, growing tomatoes, and taking photographs.
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2 Responses to Bizarre Love Triangles For Crafters

  1. Very cute triangles, Amanda! If you make a quilt out of them (or already have a quilt), you should consider putting it in the Flint Handmade exhibition for the Flint Festival of Quilts. 🙂


  2. Dang Amanda says:

    Ha, thanks Crystal. But I don’t think I’ll be quilting anytime soon. I don’t have the patience for large projects like quilts. 😉 I hope you are well!

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