Always Go.

Ever said, “I’d love to do that one day”, or “Man, I want to go THERE”.  Well, time to get off the sofa and start planning!

The reason I’m so inspired today to write about this is that this month, marks my 10 year anniversary.  No, not marriage, but rather the time when my life began and I chose to LIVE.  Ten Years ago, my and my then boyfriend (now husband), Arnaud decided to give it all up and travel the world for a year.  Oh, we had it all figured out.  We would sell all of our personal belongings, save all of our discretionary income and just go.  We were 25.

Riding the ol' tuk tuk's in Thailand

So, off we went and although we were nervous, and our parents thought we had a healthy dose of crack in order to leave good jobs to just travel, we did it anyway.

I look back on this experience as not only one of the most amazing things we ever did (before kids), it is such a terrific reminder now that we have the home, the car and the 2 kids, that it is so important for us to still LIVE.  Travel broadens the mind, shrinks the world and brings all of us humans on common ground.  Here is a list of things that I think are worthy of a spot on the ol’ bucket list:

1) Take a crazy-long vacation.  Even if you  have to plan now for 2013.  Find a way to take a sabbatical, go all the way around the world and for those of you with families, do a home exchange.  There are families around the world who would love to swap homes for a week, a month and even a year.

2) Jump out of a perfectly good airplane.  We did it in Tempe, AZ forever ago.  It is a rush, but do your research first.

Moi in Greece

3) Get your scuba certification.  Even if you don’t like being “under water”, it’s a major confidence booster and helps you to understand how to breath and relax under pressure.  Literally.  I did it with PADI.

4) Learn to speak a different language.  This could be your training / motivation to take that huge trip you’ve always wanted to take.  Learn French and then spend a month in Provence to celebrate.

Alsace, France

5) Run a marathon.  OK, I will admit.  I have NOT done this, nor will I.  But, I would like to eventually take a crazy-long hike (or bike ride) say, along the coast of Michigan or California.  Challenging yourself physically will get us in shape, mentally as well.

6) Quit.  So, if you are someone who just loathes your job.  Have a plan of action first, but darn it, quit.  Try to get the job of your dreams.  The sooner, the better and honestly, why not?

Arnaud, babygirl Mila and I in Barcelona

7) Don’t be afraid to take your children (yes, even small ones) to a far off country.  The plane ride may be challenging, but the benefits of exposing them to travel, new cultures and experiences FAR outweigh the downside of leaving your comfort zone for a little while.


8) Learn how to cook.   With your children.  Dinners are more tolerable since they’ll be more inclined to try stuff and they will thank you for it later.

Taj Mahal, India

9) Check off a few world wonders.  

Turkey's Cappadocia

10) Learn to surf.  

Yeah!  Have fun and please share with us how you choose to “go”!


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4 Responses to Always Go.

  1. whitney crutchfield says:

    Jaimi, this is such a fantastic post! You make me want to GO right now. Thanks for the inspirational push!

  2. Blue House says:

    Great post Jaim!
    Cheers to living life instead of letting it live you!

  3. monet says:

    oh Jaimi. Yes. This is fantastic.

  4. Tanya Andren says:

    Very inspirational! I’m ready to pack my bags again. Do you have a travel blog? If not, you should start one. Travelers depend on each other for advice. My travel pages are on, although I’ve hardly started. Bon chance!

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