From where I sit.

Just a simple ‘ol post about a simple ‘ol favorite past-time of mine.  Eating.

I had the (rare) luxury today to have lunch 1. alone and 2. away from my own kitchen.  I strolled into the Kerrytown Market and was plagued with so many fantastic decisions. Why do I always forget how much I love this little corner of the world?  B*Bim Bop with Twigim at Kosmo’s? or maybe a little oyster po’ boy sandwich from Monihan’s Fish Market, or ..careful, don’t sprain your neck.  Turn around, and choose a fois gras from Sparrow’s Meat Market.  Ooh the decisions.

Well, I finally settled on this open-faced concoction of fresh flounder, onions, tomatoes, capers and this ridiculously good tartar sauce.  Did I mention it was on a slice of Zingerman’s fresh baked bread?

From where I sat today, I was very thankful that Ann Arbor is full of independantly-owned good quality food establishments.  It’s difficult to get bored gastronomically in this town.

While there are so many places and I could go on forever, I have to say my favorite “restaurant” in Ann Arbor is still Grange.  It’s local, farm to table philosophy and ever changing menu just takes my heart away!

Bon Apetit!


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One Response to From where I sit.

  1. ashley...again says:

    Mmmm, Kosmo’s. But that sandwich sounds so good, next time I might do that instead.

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