Easy Fall Papercraft

I love paper craft. I find it a relaxing and satisfying way to spend creative time when I don’t feel like being in my basement studio. Now that fall is officially underway, I wanted to celebrate this beautiful (yet bittersweet) season with a paper craft project. Here’s a preview of the finished product…

While on a recent walk with my dog Rudi…

I collected a bunch of different leaves for the project. I figured why not use the best template – mother nature! I traced each leaf outline onto a piece of thin cardboard (think cracker or cereal box cardboard) and then cut out each leaf template.

I chose to use turquoise, two shades of gray, and white paper on which I traced various leaf patterns. A lot of cutting later I realized I could double or triple the sheets of paper, cutting 2-3 leafs at one time without compromising the detail I wanted for each leaf.

After that I grabbed some cheap white yarn and began to string the leaves together, mixing colors, shapes and sizes randomly…

I’m pretty happy with the finished product…

I also was thinking what a nice seasonal touch these would be for gift wrapping (my fiance’s mom has an October birthday).  But, I took it one step further and remembered the origami snowflakes I like to make in winter. I thought I could use the same folding pattern to cut out leaf shapes for fall…

All In all, I think either a single leaf or the origami cut out are a nice touch! So, for this fall I’m going to use these for all sorts of gifts and packaging.


About Anna (three birds jewelry)

I love spending time gardening, paper crafting, sewing, knitting, and metalsmithing. I also love all sorts of DIY projects around the home. Anything hands on is usually my cup of tea. I look forward to sharing crafts and eventually introducing you to artists.
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