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O Charley !

Why I love Charley Harper so … When once asked to describe his art style, Harper replied, “When I look at a wildlife or nature subject, I don’t see the feathers in the wings, I just count the wings. I … Continue reading

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Are you a Dragon?

Dragons have been on my mind lately. What with the Chinese New Year and all. Oddly, last year at this time I know for certain I was not daydreaming about rabbits. Sorry, Thumper.  Under the direction of one of the … Continue reading

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I have been overwhelmed with inspiration lately. So much so that I feel like I need some IKEA organizational unit for the corners of my mind that are exploding. Lemme back up …. For the last 20 weeks or so … Continue reading

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In the Bag

So with all of the excitement of the approaching holidays, do you still have time for one more craft? A quick one maybe? How about something practical, repurposed and cute as all get out? Have I got the project for … Continue reading

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DIY advent calendar

 DIY advent calendar

A peek into one of our season traditions of counting down the days of December. Days may fly by for me but not so speedy for my little ones.

* Excuse the wonky looking photography included in this little project tut, it will have to do as there is no time to dwell on the imperfection this month.


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While you shop this holiday season keep this in mind …

We’ll be back with a project post tomorrow to celebrate the new month. While you wait click through to this thought provoking article from a very talented artist.



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Tis the season?

Tis the season?

I like to think of the coming season as a really fantastical reason to hunker down and make, make, make.
How about you?
We’ve started our hunkering a little bit early so we can share our efforts with you. Join the BLUE HOUSE gang at our annual Holiday Workshop. An afternoon dedicated to unique projects perfect for keeping & giving.

Reserve your seat quick! This is a good thing for sure.

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