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Eye Candy: Circus

Hello! It’s Nicole from Sloe Gin Fizz back again this month with a new Eye Candy topic: the circus! I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on Pinterest these days and someone was recently pinning a whole ocean’s worth … Continue reading

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feeling shaky

I must admit, I haven’t been feeling especially creative during the last week. Instead, I (perhaps along with the rest of New York City and the East Coast) have been feeling a bit shaky. It started with Tuesday’s earthquake. As … Continue reading

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Eye Candy Response: Cabins

Last month I showed you a few photos of cabins I adore. They felt cool and dark and serene. I was particularly drawn to the fourth photo though — the least cool and dark — and this is where my … Continue reading

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getting it out

I recently celebrated a personal milestone: six months in NYC and I’m still alive, well, and not starving (yet)! The day on my calendar signified a lot of things – the end of one type of trepidation and the beginning … Continue reading

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Time Muji-ment

As a writer, I deal in deadlines.  They are like the rosary beads of a sinner.  I go over them again and again, thinking about them.  Yet frequently I forget to live by their precepts.  Often I’m up late at … Continue reading

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Eye Candy: Picnic

Lisa’s RetroStyle Vintage Picnic Basket Hello! I’m back today with a new round of eye candy fun. In case you didn’t catch the first round, this is how it goes: I’ll show you a variety of images related to a theme. … Continue reading

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Edward Gorey for the Home

I was feeling irritable and weary this week, despite the concerted sunshine in Manhattan yesterday and today.  Maybe it’s the frittered and frayed tendons in my ankle (red wine + staircase + heels do not a slow and safe descent … Continue reading

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