Of Crafts & Robots

In the past few weeks I’ve attended two craft fairs where robots were quite the norm, and both were in South Eastern Michigan. Pretty fantastic, right? First up was the 2nd annual Robot Art Fair. It happens at 826Michigan on Liberty Street in Downtown Ann Arbor during the four days of the big Ann Arbor Art Fair. 826 invites all to visit the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair Shop, and to head back into the tutoring lab for a mini Robot Art Fair! It featured local artists who create robot-themed art, and a portion of their sales went straight to 826Michigan, a non-profit writing center. Also present was Spider, a  robot that will be seen in the upcoming Spiderman 4 film, and he’ll also be the star of an upcoming window display at the Liberty Street Robot Supply & Repair Shop. Here is some of the scene and some of the art:

As you walk in the robot shop

By Gurglesnap

By Deets

BY MeMade

The end of July also brought Maker Faire Detroit to the area. Located at The Henry Ford Museum grounds in Dearborn, the event was home to a slew of family-friendly interactive activities to make tinkers, geeks, and makers proud. It’s the Midwest’s largest DIY festival. Amid the robotics and geekery, Handmade Detroit hosted Craft Faire inside the museum. An indie craft fair featuring 30+ independent artists selling their handmade goods was set up alongside Etsy, a Needle Arts Zone, and live craft demos all day. The weekend was a perfect blend of Make and Craft, and it’s hard to put into words or pictures.

Where have you seen some great robots lately?


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I love books, and crafts, and books about crafts. They are usually well designed and inspirational. In addition to book talking here, I'll also be dropping blog lines occasionally about local craft fairs going on around town. When I'm not blogging about craft fairs and books, I'm often sewing for dang argyle, eating kale, drinking coffee, laughing, growing tomatoes, and taking photographs.
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