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Time Muji-ment

As a writer, I deal in deadlines.  They are like the rosary beads of a sinner.  I go over them again and again, thinking about them.  Yet frequently I forget to live by their precepts.  Often I’m up late at … Continue reading

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Making way for creative freedom… in the most unlikely places; in the most unlikely ways

When you work from home, every room can have an impact on your work… even the bathroom… If you pursue your craft in-domicile as I frequently do, every inch of your domestic space becomes your personal think tank.  That means a … Continue reading

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Decorating and organizing mid work-stream: Distraction, detour, or definite necessity in the creative process?

When your desk is right in your home (as is mine as of two weeks ago), whether you are tackling your corporate writing job (like I am) or wrestling with writer’s block on your creative projects (ditto: me), there will … Continue reading

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