O Charley !

Why I love Charley Harper so …

When once asked to describe his art style, Harper replied, “When I look at a wildlife or nature subject, I don’t see the feathers in the wings, I just count the wings. I see exciting shapes, color combinations, patterns, textures, fascinating behavior and endless possibilities for making interesting pictures. I regard the picture as an ecosystem in which all the elements are interrelated, interdependent, perfectly balanced, without trimming or unutilized parts; and herein lies the lure of painting; in a world of chaos, the picture is one small rectangle in which the artist can create an ordered universe.”  see more here

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Charley Harper inspired paper art created by 6 – 8 year old artists. The students viewed a few examples of Charley’s work and this is what they created. Once again, I left the classroom amazed.  How could you not be?

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Are you a Dragon?

Dragons have been on my mind lately.

What with the Chinese New Year and all. Oddly, last year at this time I know for certain I was not daydreaming about rabbits. Sorry, Thumper.  Under the direction of one of the best elementary teachers in the world I have been diving into the awesome world of dragons with 2nd – 4th graders. Again, more fuel for my creativity … the unlimited inspiration I receive from just observing their work.

Can you feel it too?

Chinese Dragon / Pencil & Ink

Drawn by a 2nd grader { yes! that’s the work of an 8 year old people }. * This is also a sneak preview of another project that I’ll show on a later post.

Chinese Dragon Puppet

Transfer Foil Dragon

Are you thinking about dragons now too?  I’m headed out now to pick up this book to share with the kids during class today.  I’ll be sure to share what awesomeness they create next! Hey, lemme know if you’ve got a great Dragon book I need to know about.

p.s. if you are wondering, I am a Fire Dragon. * That’s a doubled dragon *

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I have been overwhelmed with inspiration lately. So much so that I feel like I need some IKEA organizational unit for the corners of my mind that are exploding.

Lemme back up ….

For the last 20 weeks or so I’ve had the fantastic opportunity of being invited to bring projects that link math, science & literacy with art to several classrooms with students ages 5 – 10 years. 2-3x a week I get to spend time witnessing creativity in its most raw form. I have had so many aha! moments Oprah would be jealous.

Take a peek at what they have created lately — from Malawi inspired masks, Panamanian Rain Forests, Snowglobes & Dr. King.

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Blue House Elementary Workshops

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Decisions decisions…

I’ve been toying around with the idea of using some papercraft creations as centerpieces for my wedding. I want to make globes and insert faux lights for gentle and romantic lighting. Lighting that feels something like this…To mix it up I plan to make the globes in various colors (soft yellow, white, & turquoise) and in three sizes. Continue reading

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Well, I was supposed to post about something crafty, but in the midst of a busy holiday season and a little home DIY project I forgot. I promise I will get back to something crafty (or perhaps another artist feature) soon.

In the mean time I hope you will understand knowing that the last two weeks my kitchen has gone from this… Continue reading

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New Year, New Prints

Need a little crafty inspiration to get you started on some new projects this year? I’m currently loving hand printed fabric. These books feature some great designs, used in a multitude of ways, whether you’re screen printing, block printing, or stamping.

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Holiday Cheer! Roundup

This week I wanted to focus on a few easy crafts that can double as decorations for both the home (perhaps for the tree, or a window dressing) and gift packaging. Here are a few that I found that are SO sweet!

For all you felt lovers…you can find the full tut here for this cutie, it would also be cute to use multiple colors on this one…

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