Eye Candy: Cabins

Now is the time of year to retreat deep into the woods to a shady cabin with long afternoons filled with books, walks in the forest and lazy naps. Wouldn’t you agree? In honor of summer, and the season on lazy afternoons, this month’s eye candy is focused on cabins. These images are all from the Weekend Cabin column on Adventure Journal. I encourage you to check it out — I’m completely hooked. Have a look, soak it in and relax!

Costa Rican cabin in the jungle

I’ll be back next month with an illustration inspired by this collection of images. Feel free to play along and create  your own image or project inspired by cabins, or simply stop back in on the second Thursday in August to see what happens. You can also look back on the previous Eye Candy here and here.







About Sloe Gin Fizz

Illustrator, explorer, enthusiastic cook, local food junkie, obsessive reader, blogger, crafter, chuckler, newly-minted Midwesterner, former New Yorker, future…
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