Ain’t that a Birch?

My daughter Mila’s room has been fun to decorate and as with every room in our home, it’s an evolutionary process.  This past weekend, some of our very best friends from Pennsylvania came into town to visit with their three children.  Mike, “the dad”, hooked us up in the sweetest of ways when he brought with him huge panels of Birch tree vinyls with a cute little bird to boot to transform Mila’s three-paneled closet door from drab to fab.

After drafting it out, he adhered the panels to each door then cut out the negative space so that we could paint the background of the forest.  Now, which color?

Mila’s room and closet doors are already painted in Behr’s Aged Parchment, so we were on the hunt for a warm gray.  After two paint stores and a coffee run, we (I) finally decided on Behr’s Sculptured Clay.

After two good coats of paint, Mike removed the vinyl (when it was still tacky) and a little Birch tree forest was born.  Then, of course, my daughter immediately asked if we could do her entire room that way and also add in tigers, lions and jaguars.  Ain’t that a birch? ; )

Although we will be containing the Birch tree forest clustered just on her closet doors for now, we were so thankful to our friend Mike Fink, owner of Exhibit Studios for this super awesome gesture.

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4 Responses to Ain’t that a Birch?

  1. Carla says:

    Very cute! I bet little Miss Mila just loves it!!!!

  2. Dang Amanda says:

    That looks great!

    You might need a birch bark vase from Bettula at some point. 😉

  3. jaimigadaix says:

    Thanks girls and Amanda, nice idea!

  4. monet says:

    I *love* the birch! and the little bird adds just the right touch of whimsy for a little girl’s room.

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