In the Bag

So with all of the excitement of the approaching holidays, do you still have time for one more craft? A quick one maybe? How about something practical, repurposed and cute as all get out? Have I got the project for you.

Shirt sleeve bags.

Super simple. Super cute. And not my idea, I will freely admit. I have seen them before used for gifting wine, butI think they’d make stellar bags for kid’s gifts – grab bags of little things for little hands, a comfy home for a Christmas stuffy, a roomy sack for Hannukah gelt. Here’s how:

Step 1 – sneak into your man’s closet and “borrow” those shirts that he should have donated long ago because the collar is too worn for good taste. Alternatively, go to Good Will, etc. and marvel at the colors and patterns of shirts that somone, somewhere actually wore once. You’ll have no problem finding Christmasy reds and greens, blues for Hannukah or pastels for Easter basket gift bags come Spring.

Step 2 – cut the sleeve. The bags I made below were designed to house all the bits and pieces of my Button Flame Menorahs, so are sized accordingly – you can make the bags as long or short as you want.

Step 3 – stitch it up. I used a running stitch about 1/2 inch from the edge and then an overcast stich on the edge itself to prevent fraying, but do what you like.

Step 4  – add a ribbon to tie it closed. I simply attached the ribbon at the base of the cuff with a quick line of stitching, but you could also add button holes at intervals around the shirt to weave the ribbon through for a gathered closure.

Step 5 – Insert gift and tie it closed. Pat yourself on the back for greening it up this year with something so cute.

And now … what to do with the rest of the shirt….?


About ashley...again

I don't get to craft as often as I'd like. So whenever possible I make like it's housework and whip up something useful. And thrifty. And, hopefully, cute.
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3 Responses to In the Bag

  1. angela says:

    Great idea! And very cute. I’m making some homemade hooch this year to give as hostess gifts, etc. This will be so much better than those paper “wine bags” they sell next to the register at the liquor store.

  2. Alicia says:

    Really cool and probably something I’d have time to pull off this year!

  3. Marilyn Lewis says:

    An attractive fabric ‘bag’ is nicer for a special birthday or Christmas present than paper wrapping— regardless of how great a wrapper you are!
    Another plus of the fabric bag — you HAVE to prepare them ahead of when you need them;
    so they’re ready and waiting when you think of wrapping the gift.
    (In other words, make some NOW for future use!)

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